Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hi! I'm Kassidy, the girl behind banana runner. I've been reading blogs for a year now and have decided to start my own. So why the name banana runner? Because I'm a runner who loooooves bananas. Seriously, I love them and every morning I have one. Whether it's a pre-run snack or going in my smoothies, pancakes or oatmeals, it's always there. If I don't have my banana, it can get ugly. I'm addicted and I don't care. My favorite combo is peanut butter and banana. Heaven in my mouth. I've been having that combo every morning for a year and haven't gotten tired of it yet. If you have yet to try the elusive pb and banana combo than you my friend are missing out. Jump on that pronto. You will not be sorry.

I've also been running for a year now and threw a healthy gluten free diet and consistent exercise I have managed to lose 20 pounds and ran my first half-marathon this past October, and ran it under 2 hours. Probably the proudest and happiest day of my life. This ramble of a blog will follow me through the ups and downs of life, thanks for stopping by!

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