Sunday, 11 November 2012

Didn't ActuallyHappen

Taking the dog for a walk? Yeah, didn't happen. Once I foam rolled I was a little hungry so I ate an apple and some almonds, and then decided to watch Christmas with the Kranks and ice my knee (never too early for Christmas movies, made my day!), and then I made soup. I wish I took him right when I got home but I didn't, and now it's a bit chilly and dark. I'm taking him bright and early tomorrow though, hold me to it!

I really hope the beautiful weather we had today sticks around for tomorrow and maybe I'll go for another run depending on how my knee feels. It's been hurting a bit when I'm running and I know it's a combination of some IT band issues and needing new shoes. Hopefully I get new shoes before a 5k Santa Run I'm doing on December 1st. I did foam roll though! And oh man, foam rolling the inside of my leg? Ouch. If no run then maybe some TRX, I hate it because it's hard. But it gives me a challenge, anyways I'm going to see if there's anything good on TV. See you tomorrow!

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