Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hello! It's been quite a long time. Between birthdays, Christmas and New  Years things got pretty busy. And I did think about blogging but I just didn't feel like it. However, it being the New Year and all I've made blogging more frequently one of my goals. Goal, not a resolution. I like the word goal better than resolution. I feel like goals are something that I can accomplish, while a resolution is more of a lifestyle choice or change and if you don't succeed at that resolution you feel like a failure or a disappointment. That's my view on it anyway. I think it's great regardless to make goals for the new year, and than when that year ends you get to review what you did accomplish. My goals for the new year are:

  • Run another half-marathon
  • Blog more often
  • Get into the school of my dreams
  • Become more lean and build muscle
  • Join Crossfit
  • Build my core strength
  • Do more volunteer work
  • Keep my room clean (failed at it last year)

So that's it for now! I really hope to do well in all of these and I'll sure keep you updated.

I'm watching the golden globes so I'll see you tomorrow, later!

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