Thursday, 24 January 2013


Good evening! Theres some things I need to get off my chest so I'm just going to start with them.

When I first started training for my half-marathon I was the smallest I have ever been. I fit into all of my size 6 shorts, my size lululemon shirt was a bit big and I felt great about myself, especially since I was back to running. But as I got further into my training and the miles increased, so did my appetite. The mentality to eat what I want because I just ran 10 miles became the norm. I started eating late at night, ate gluten filled carbs (which didn't agree with me but they were so good I put that aside) and slowly the pounds added up. Even though going into the race I had gained some weight I still managed a sub 2:00hr race which I am beyond proud of.

But now that my running hasn't been as intense, the weight is still there. My pants that used to be loose are now tight and uncomfortable. I feel like the big girl again and I don't like it. It's been hard to go back to my strict eating habits, but I'm slowly making an effort. Yes it's hard that it's winter and it feels like -24 outside, the only thing I feel like doing is Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and taking Kona for a walk (which is what I did today!). I know once the weather warms up I'll start running more and the weight will come off, but I also need to realize that what I eat is just as important.

I really just needed to share this. I've probably gained around 10 pounds and just want them gone. I know with will power and determination I can do it. I'm also signing up for Crossfit tomorrow (eek!). I did a trial class awhile ago and loved it, although I felt like I was going to throw up I felt awesome after. I really love strength training as it really increases my metabolism. And combine that with cardio and you got one hell of a workout. I know with Crossfit I'll tone up, lose the weight and become a stronger person. Which will translate into a better runner. I'm going to my second class tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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