Thursday, 24 January 2013

Need To Find A Race!

I've been itching to race. The thrill of standing at the start line, a bib pinned to your chest, tracker on your shoe and hundreds of people surrounding you who are just as addicted to running as you are. The last race I ran was the Oakville 5k Santa Shuffle (where I achieved a PR!). Even though I've only run five races so far, I'm hoping to do three-five this year. A half-marathon, 10k, 15k and maybe a few 5k's. Something that is close and not to costly. I was thinking of doing a half-marathon in March but I'm not sure that's going to happen. It's freezing outside (-24 with the windchill, no thanks) and when it snows it takes forever to leave. I'm following my previous half-marathon training plan and was supposed to do a five mile, four mile and eight mile run. Haven't ran since Sundays seven miler. This is what my workout plan for the rest of the week is:

Friday: 30 day shred. Crossfit
Saturday: Crossfit (depending how sore I am), 30 day shred
Sunday: 4-5 mile run at the gym, 30 day shred

As you can see I'm doing Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. I've been doing it for a week now and I can say I have seen improvements. Not body wise yet but in Level one many of the moves are easier. I can do more push-ups and do the side lunge/lateral raise combo continuously. That moved killed me every time but yesterday and today I did it without taking a break! It definitely feels easier. I ordered it off of Amazon and with tax and shipping it came to $10! Not too shabby. I really like it so far and am excited to get into the harder levels.

Wow, two posts in less than an hour! I've got the blogging bug right now and just want to keep writing. I've been reading blogs for about a year now, maybe two and can really see why a blog is a great idea. In a way I find it therapeutic and can really share whats on my mind. I'm a fan of the blog world!

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